Due to current events

Business operations at Geutebrück will carry on

As international service and solution providers, our duty is to be available to our business partners without restriction, also in extraordinary circumstances. Equally important to us is the well-being of our employees and their families.

The majority of our employees are equipped with mobile devices and will work from home if necessary and possible.  We have taken all necessary precautions for our colleagues working in production and dispatch. The persons in service and sales concentrate on telephone contacts or strictly follow the recommendations of the Official Health Authorities when travelling. As of today, all orders or repairs are carried out as planned.

It is our collective responsibility to act cautiously in this situation and make a contribution in a preventive manner. Nevertheless, we will continue to offer you our customary service while protecting our business partners and employees in the best possible way.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate your contact person at Geutebruck.

Actual solutions for protection against the coronavirus

Welcome to Geutebruck USA

Geutebrück USA handles all sales, service, support and distribution for North America. Supporting a nationwide network of Certified Integrators, Geutebrück USA has regional offices staffed with a highly-qualified sales and technical support staff.

Simply put, Geutebrück solutions help you to solve security problems and control business processes that can lead to a measurable return on investment. Whatever your needs are, we have a solution that will help you to stop losses, increase profits and improve productivity. Geutebrück’s “Made in Germany’ symbol is more than a slogan. It stands for high-quality, speed, performance and unequalled reliability.

Whether your needs are in wholesale, retail, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, education or government, we have solutions and customer references all over the United States.

Geutebrück USA is changing the way security manufacturers’ conduct business in the United States. Starting with an unprecedented commitment to helping it’s Certified Integrators differentiate and compete, Geutebrück USA has a long-term strategy for providing the best technology, best support and best warranty in the industry. Through its growth and expansion, our regional sales and technical support offices will serve every part of the United States.

The solution for your requirements


… of all possible objects, how many are present and their movement in video images to control individual follow-up actions.

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… through preventative, targeted and discreet detection of any irregularities in video images, with automatic warnings for staff.

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… find lost or incorrectly stored goods or clarify any irregularities in the process, as well as documenting the status and quantities of goods and objects.

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… of processes on the company site. From controlling entry and exit to managing movements, procedures or logistics process optimization.

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… of processes based on video recordings for analysis and evidence in the event of discrepancies in the goods flow or to uncover sabotage attempts.

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News - Stay up to date

April 30, 2020

Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is relying on Geutebrück

We are very pleased and proud that the Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has allowed us to name it as an official reference. We are grateful for this and are looking forward to…

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April 22, 2020

Press releases

Non-contact and visual protection measures to contain the Corona Virus - Geutebrück extends its product portfolio by three DSGVO-compliant video solutions

Body temperature measurement, detection of face masks and the counting of visitor flows - Geutebrück has expanded its portfolio to enable the retail trade, public authorities and industry to adjust…

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March 18, 2020


Security in hospitals and forensic facilities

Theft is an ongoing issue in hospitals and forensic institutions. This applies to pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, and increasingly in the current crisis situation, to anti-infection items or…

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February 19, 2020


Geutebrück has transformed over the past four years in a radical manner

On an internationally highly competitive market for image-based software systems, the medium-sized company based near Bonn is the only enterprise which has been continuously and 100 percent…

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February 11, 2020


Video solutions in pharmaceutical logistics: data protection given top priority

Drug manufacture, logistics and picking are sensitive topics - and not just in terms of safety. The pharmaceuticals logistics centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, shows just what herculean tasks can be…

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January 13, 2020


Blockchain technology – a decision for the future of the logistics branch

Fewer errors, supply chain optimization and a reduction in fraud crimes – that’s what Blockchain 2.0 promises to deliver for logistics and supply chain management. Blockchain should improve monitoring…

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December 16, 2019


Interfaces: The all-rounders

Modern interface technology makes intelligent visualization solutions an affordable entry strategy into digital transformation.

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November 14, 2019


Opportunities and challenges: Transparency in your supply chain

Transparency along the entire value chain provides logistics companies with enormous opportunities: reduce costs, increase efficiency, minimize errors and inspire customers. To accomplish these…

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September 17, 2019


Image resolution and formats

The image resolution of a video camera indicates the number of dots (pixels) that make up an image, for example 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) pixels in the Full HD format. This means that there are 1920…

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August 26, 2019


Geutebrück users take a relaxed view of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and the Federal Data Protection Act

From May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation will apply throughout the EU. At the same time, the new Federal Data Protection Act (German law) will come into force. Both have significant…

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August 06, 2019

Future Stories

Secure Parking - Measure against cargo theft

Cargo theft is a serious issue: According to TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association), the number of thefts in the EMEA region in 2016 increased by 72.3 percent compared to 2015.

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April 16, 2019

Press releases

Geutebrück opens offices in Malaysia and India / New address for capital city branch Berlin

Geutebrück, international specialists for video systems in the security and process optimization sectors in Germany, will be represented with offices in India and Malaysia from May onwards. From these…

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April 15, 2019

Future Stories

Can the logistics sector reinvent itself with artificial intelligence?

How well do you really know the world of logistics? Since Big Data has been on the scene, everything has changed! Gone are the days when around 2.9 million trucks, a thousand freight cars or trade…

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February 11, 2019


Whether man or machine: no intelligence without learning

Human intelligence is inextricably linked to a phenomenal ability to learn. So why should machine intelligence be any different? A system is artificially intelligent if it is capable to solve a…

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January 15, 2019


Change as an opportunity – Logistics in the virtual world

Whether digitalization becomes a curse or a blessing is in the hands of those who are pressing ahead with it but preparing the ground for this development is up to all of us. It’s not easy –…

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December 16, 2018

Future Stories

A contradiction no more Video security and personal privacy

Video security is a standard feature in many areas: In correctional systems, shops, gas stations or in financial institutions. Innovative solutions also make video security an interesting application…

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December 09, 2018

Future Stories

Transparency of vehicles and processes Automated yard management

Time is money: This is especially true for optimal processes on your yard. Long waiting times at the entrances are not only inefficient, they can also lead to irregularities and blockades. Do you…

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December 02, 2018

Future Stories

Resolution and court-admissible evidence Visual documentation

Theft and damage to goods are difficult to detect using ERP systems. The quantity of the goods recorded in the system does not match the number actually counted in the warehouse. What happened and who…

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November 25, 2018

Future Stories

Super Speedy: Video Track and Trace Saves a Whole 98 Hours’ Worth of Package Tracing Per Month

Almost six minutes to locate a single package. These 345 seconds can have severe economic consequences for a courier, express and package service provider. When viewing the overall context, it is…

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November 11, 2018

Future Stories

Reliable, trustworthy and competent Video security in government institutions, for ministries, agencies, embassies, consulates

State institutions worldwide have always been of special interest to the public and have a strong symbolic nature for citizens. Protection and security are the top priorities. The requirements on the…

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November 04, 2018

Future Stories

Number plate detection and access control

Strict entrance and exit control are a necessity in prisons. You can optimize this process and reduce your staff's workload using our automatic number plate recognition system. Because the special…

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October 28, 2018

Future Stories

Security Management

The G-SIM management software is a perfect complement to the administration of your G-Core systems. Maintain an overview and control of all complex units, both locally and in globally distributed…

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October 21, 2018

Future Stories

Save time and money through fast locating operations Track & Trace

If goods are not in the intended location, it is often necessary to take inventory of empty spaces, work that is time consuming and labor-intensive. Whether delivery dates can be maintained is often…

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October 14, 2018

Future Stories

Gasoline theft, shoplifting or assault: Prevention and education Security for your gas station

Increasingly, drivers are filling up without paying! Since 2010, the number of individual offenses has risen each year from 78,070 (2010), to 85,065 (2011) to 89,769 (2012) and 91,578 (2013) cases of…

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Events - Meet us

Sands Expo Center
201 East Sands Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89109

ISC West

05. - 08. October 2020
09:30 AM - 5:45 PM

The International Security Conference & Exposition – also known as ISC West – is the largest converged security trade show in the U.S., covering…

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285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30313, United States


21. - 23. September 2020
09:30 AM - 5:45 PM

The Global Security Exchange is the only event that brings together security professionals from all vertical markets around the world to network,…

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Simply put, Geutebrück solutions help you to solve security problems and control business processes that can lead to a measurable return on investment. Whatever your needs are, we have a solution that will help you to stop losses, increase profits and improve productivity.

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