Portable video security: With bodycams or simply your smartphone?

November 18, 2021

As a Geutebrück system user, you now have a choice: When using Axis bodycams, you can transfer the recordings into your G-Core database.

For a better overview, these images can then be displayed time-synchronized together with recordings of permanently installed cameras. Alternatively, you can just use Android smartphones with Geutebrück's new SmartphoneConnect app for more flexibility.

Violence against law enforcement officers is on the rise. The elevated readiness to use violence in society, increased polarization through social media, decreased respect for public officials and, last but not least, a high level of frustration caused by the Corona pandemic – all these aspects contribute to an increase in verbal and physical assaults on staff of police and public order offices, of public transport organizations as well as of security service providers.
The best prevention in such a situation is de-escalation. Wearable cameras have been proven to help here, because the mere knowledge that their actions are being filmed significantly inhibits many aggressors from using violence.

So-called bodycams are therefore being used more and more frequently: robust cameras to be attached to the clothes to record (optionally with audio) at the push of a button. After the operation or shift, the recordings are transferred to a server via a docking station and stored for postprocessing and preservation of evidence. The disadvantage of many models is the lack of live alerts and video transmission, which would allow a control center to intervene in an emergency.

Geutebrück, a specialist for video management solutions, now offers a flexible and simple alternative: With the new app for Android smartphones, smartphones can now also be used as image sources (optionally with audio).
The smartphone can simply be carried in the breast pocket. Alternatively, external USB cameras attached to the clothing can be used. The app offers the option of "triggering" any events and adding a comment, which can then be used as a search criterion. In the event of an acute emergency, an alarm can be triggered and posted live on a central control station with the associated smartphone video stream.

Particularly important for this application: Data protection and data security. The app functions exclusively as an image and data source and does not provide access to the image database. Registering the smartphones used on the server ensures that only authorized devices function as image sources. In addition, the app manages its own users; only authorized users can operate the app to initiate video and data recording. All data is protected in the video management system in compliance with GDPR regulations and securely stored from unauthorized access. This means they are safe even in case of a smartphone loss.