Perimeter+ outdoor surveillance with artificial intelligence

Perimeter+ is a powerful, premium perimeter analysis solution. Perimeter+ combines the functions of a classic perimeter detector with the advantages of deep learning analysis. This enables highly reliable detection and categorization of movements as persons, vehicles or objects - at a distance of up to 235 meters. Particularly in outdoor areas, this allows complex surveillance constellations to be reliably implemented. The system reduces the false alarm rate to a minimum, operating costs are reduced and the operator can concentrate on relevant alarms.

Powerful Object Differentiation

Classical analysis methods do not always detect and distinguish objects optimally and therefore more often trigger false and missing alarms.

AI & Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence learns to distinguish objects through deep learning techniques.

Reduction of false and missing Alarms

Objects are reliably detected even at long distances; false and missing alarms are significantly reduced. As a result, only relevant alarms are forwarded to the operators.

Your added value

  • Reliable person detection in outdoor applications up to a distance of 235 m
  • Reduction of false alarms to a minimum and avoidance of missed alarms
  • Reduction of operating costs and relief of personnel by concentrating the operator on relevant alarms
  • Cost-effective upgrading: cameras remain in place thanks to server-based evaluation
Perimeter+ Flyer

1. Perfect fusion of classic and AI-powered video analytics
2. Reliable detection of persons and vehicles
3. Powerful even over long distances up to 505 m (1,656ft.)