Protective measures concerning coronavirus

Geutebrück offers a number of solutions for the current situation, which play a major role in helping to comply to the strict regulations for the containment of the coronavirus. Depending on the requirements, we can provide support in the contact-free automatic measurement of body temperature, detection of face masks or counting of persons.

Mask detection in public

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Monitoring of adherence to legal hygiene regulations in public places

Automatic detection of masks. Countries like the Czech Republic or Autria have made it mandatory to wear face masks. The Geutebrück-solution automatically recognizes without using biometric data - whether the order is obeyed. Suitable for use in public authorities, shopping centres, companies, hospitals, etc. The specific local conditions must be observed.

Case Study on the detection of protective clothing in the public area

Info module detection of face masks

Body Temperature Measurement

Real-time measurement of body temperature

This automated temperature screening device scans people quickly, efficiently and contact-free. Versatile and easy to use for railway stations, airports, public or private facilities.

Brochure Automatic Body Temperature Measurement

Info module Automatic Body Temperature Measurement

Mask Access Control

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Identification of hygienic protective clothing on entering facilities

No admittance without a mask! Several institutions have to make sure that diseases are not brought in by outside personnel who usually do not wear mask protection, e.g. employees in hospitals, nursing homes, canteen kitchens, prisons, psychiatric institutions, canteens, etc. The AI-based solution for the recognition of mask protection is able to allow or deny access without using biometric data.

Case Study on the recognition of protective masks for access control

Info module detection of face masks and protective clothing

People counting

Counting and directing flows of people

Full People-Counting Set for retail. Contactless. Automatic. Reliable. Currently, only a certain number of customers are permitted in a store at the same time. Geutebrück Video Content Analysis automatically keeps track of the people entering and leaving the store and continuously calculates the number of people who are in the store at a time.

Case Study on the people counting

Info module People Counting Real-time customer count in retail trade

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