AI-based systems for object detection

AI-trained software identifies known objects and the number that are present in video images. Detection is based on previously learnt object characteristics, which are taught in via a training process based on photos and videos.

Definition: Which predefined object should be detected? 

Determination of how accurately the object should be identified.

Clarify to what extent the detected object is to be interpreted:

Is the object there?

How many objects are on the image?

How should the analysis be responded to? Should an alarm be passed on?

Clarify: How fast should the pre-defined analysis results be available? 

Your benefit

  • Objects in video images are not only being viewed. The system recognizes which object is involved 
  • The exact object detection shows high accuracy throughout
  • Data recognition is more efficient and faster than humans
  • Results are not only analysed, results are made usable