Boost security with automatic entry and exit controls

Automatic numberplate recognition controls entry and exit barriers based on a “black and white list”, opening the barrier automatically only when an authorised numberplate and/or trailer number is detected.

Only authorized vehicles are allowed access to the site

The license plate is matched with the registration list

A porter is not required. Interface to barrier control opens automatically or alerts an employee

Your benefit

  • Increase security by automating access control - only authorized vehicles get permission to enter the premises
  • Faster handling of admission controls

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Uncover and clarify sabotage attempts

There’s nothing worse than a suspicion of sabotage taking place on your own premises. By marking the damage in the video recording, you can use backward searching to determine who caused the damage, or whether it resulted from a genuine error, in a matter of seconds.

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Prevent break-ins/theft

To gain entry, intruders have to get past a number of “boundaries”: including the fence, garden, car park, doors and windows of the building. Video analysis detects all suspicious movement in video images at an early stage and warns staff accordingly.

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Reduce waiting times on entry and exit

The administrative processes completed by the security staff at an entry barrier can take a few minutes. If there’s a lot of traffic coming to your site, jams can build up on public roads. Automatic numberplate recognition reduces waiting times to a few seconds.

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