Prevent break-ins/theft

To gain entry, intruders have to get past a number of “boundaries”: including the fence, garden, car park, doors and windows of the building. Video analysis detects all suspicious movement in video images at an early stage and warns staff accordingly.

Eye-catching movements on the outer perimeter of the site are registered and reported. 

Deactivation of motion detection at peak times possible

Complete overview of the site

Rapid response 

Interfaces to third-party systems, e.g. access controls, burglar alarm systems, etc. form an overall system that allows discrepancies from the standard to be detected quickly.

Your benefit

  • Early detection of intruders
  • Ensure best possible compliance with access control requirements
  • Theft prevention of goods
  • Critical area protection 
  • Overview also of large areas
  • Protecting trucks and drivers on site from unauthorized access by intruders

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