Find incorrectly stored items

By marking (framing) an object in a recorded video image, you can use “Motion Search” to work out when the item was last moved. The journey of the item can be tracked seamlessly from point to point across multiple cameras.

Search by motion 

Live images and recordings can be searched

Starting point for the research: Last known position

From this point, any motion within the image position is displayed

Interfacing of adjacent cameras can track motion and display the current position of goods

Your benefit

  • Avoid total losses through misloading
  • Saving time when searching for misplaced goods
  • Lower personnel overhead 
  • Rapid clearing up of incorrect deliveries
  • Delivery as fast as possible

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Find items on conveyor belts faster

At each scanner point that a package passes, video images are recorded and linked to the read barcode. Using this barcode, you can call up and simultaneously view all video images for a package from all scanner points.

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Prevent loss of items

The interface to the ERP system enables you to seach on the order number of a dispatch order. You can view the journey of each package in an order in almost real-time. Incorrectly loaded items can be identified and corrected rapidly.

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Document damage to goods

Video recordings of all stations that a package goes through in the supply chain can be found and evaluated in a matter of seconds thanks to the barcode. Damage or incorrectly loaded items can be located immediately. Processes that contain errors are identified.

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