Monitoring of adherence to statutory infection control in public

Since the outbreak of the corona virus, countries such as the Czech Republic have made it compulsory to wear protective masks. As an alternative, scarves, shawls or storm hoods are also allowed. The purpose of this measure is to provide better protection for the population from the pandemic.

The system searches for faces in the video image                                

The faces are checked to se if a face mask is worn                           

Faces without face masksk trigger the alarm                    

Your benefit

  • Compliance with the directive imposed by the State.
  • Immediate notification of control staff.
  • Protection of personnel in grocery stores, public buildings, clinics, etc.
  • Relieving the workload of the security forces and control personnel.
  • Comprehensive protection of the population.

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Case Study on the detecion of protective clothing in the public area

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