Document transfers of liability

Transfers of liability can be a source of challenges in the supply chain. At these points, one logistics services provider often needs to prove that the goods were handed off to the next party in the chain in an undamaged condition. Video documentation provides the required court-enforceable evidence.

End-to-end documentation

incoming goods to the warehouse

Goods from the warehouse via picking and packing

Outgoing goods 

Linking of image data with process numbers (e.g. barcode).

In the event of damage, pictures prove quantity and condition of the goods

In the event of a dispute, the footage can be used in court.

Format GBF is tamper-proof.

Your benefit

  • Clarification of responsibilities by documentation of cargo securement 
  • Reduction of insurance rates
  • Image format also holds up in court
  • Protection of personal privacy rights
  • Visual documentation of processes within the supply chain
  • Visual documentation of in-house processes